Accuracy / How it works

•Photo Electric Sensors detect the tires with LED light and send an electrical signal to a ECU Controller.

•The ECU controller settles the signal for vibration etc. and lights the Stage/ Pre Stage Lamps.

•The ECU signals Amber at 1.5 seconds  or 0.4 seconds for Sportsman style tree or Pro Tree.

•Sensor Models check the status of the sensor at the moment the Green comes on to determine Green or Red Light Launch automatically.

•Accuracy is 0.001 second for the sensor and 0.001 for the controller. 001 second +/- .002 seconds.

•Models with Touch screen display RT (Reaction Time). This is what can be practiced, to achieve 0.000 RT.

•Self Resetting.


•Mach 1 – the speed of sound.

•ET Elapsed Time . The time from clearing the start sensor to a finish line sensor.

•RT Reaction Time. The time from when the Amber ends and the sensor is cleared.

•Red Light . The sensor is cleared before the Amber time expires (1.5 or 0.4 s).

•Self Resetting After a run the system is ready for another without input.

•Diffuse Sensor. A sensor that sends light to the tire and bounces back. Easier to setup but limited in distance , 1-2 feet. Tire shine or white paint will help.

•Retroreflective Sensor, the sensor sends light to a reflector and bounces back, requires alignment setup but works to approx. 15 ft.

•ECU Electronic control unit.

•Power Supply. A portable source is used, a 12 V DC car battery or 2 x 6 VDC batteries. 120 VAC models can plug into a house outlet or use portable inverter. Generators are used for all day events at Airports etc.


•43 In Tall LED Tree indoor.

•36 In Tall LED Tree out door rated.

•Professional Drag Tree.

•Tree Controller with Sensor makes it functional – only offered for professional setups elsewhere.


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